Rise Up. Never Give Up.

The RUNG (Rise Up Never Give-Up) Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing young, amputee athletes with top-of-the-line, structurally sound, athlete-optimized prosthetics to help them get back in the game, and back into a healthy state of mind. 

The physical, mental, and emotional trauma stemming from an injury of this magnitude will impact these young athlete's way of lives. Whether its a field, a court or a pool, we want to get these athletes back in the game.


Your support can change a life! 

Your donation will go towards providing one of our Athletes with a specialty prosthetic, designed to get them back on the field.

The RUNG Foundation hosts several events annually, raising money towards our cause. We are always looking for volunteers and partners.

All purchases from our online store go towards providing our athletes with a custom prosthetic. You can donate by purchasing a T-Shirt or stickers.

Our mission is to provide these young amputee-athletes with specialty prosthetics, designed for their particular sport. The tragedy of losing a limb causes a physical, mental, emotional, and financial burden on these athletes and their families. 

A prosthetic leg costs about $20,000 and this prosthetic will not be adapted or suited for extreme sports. In order to get back on the field, in the water, on the mountain, these families will need to get their athlete a specially adapted prosthetic suited to their sport's conditions. Often time, this financial burden prevents the athlete from ever playing their sport again. 

The RUNG Foundation proudly works with OPC FL, our sponsors and our community to provide these athletes the specialty prosthetic they need, in order to live the active lifestyle they wish to. 

Thank you for helping our athletes chase their dreams once again.

Our Mission


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